06 December 2016

Peter Sinks

The TS-100 has been deployed for the past year on a weather station at a record-setting cold location in the contiguous United States - Peter Sinks, Utah. It is used to accurately measure the extremely cold air temperatures that occur at the site. The Peter Sinks site uses two yellow-bead thermistors and two PRTs in an Apogee TS-100 to make replicate measurements. Note the Apogee SP-230 all-season pyranometer in the picture as well.

A webinar of the TS-100 with more information on the Peter Sinks site can be found here. The Peter Sinks information starts at approximately 15:25.


Apogee TS-100 deployed at Peter Sinks, Utah

Application Summary

Used on a weather station at a record-setting cold location-Peter Sinks, Utah.

Sensors Used
TS-100 Aspirated Radiation Shield
ST-110 Thermistor
ST-300 PRT
SP-230 Pyranometer

Peter Sinks, Utah

More Information
Peter Sinks Data Feed Site

Air Temperature Measurement Sensor Webinar

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