19 July 2017

Introducing secondary standard, first class, and second class pyranometer calibration services from Apogee Instruments.

In addition to recalibrating quantum sensors and silicon-cell pyranometers from other companies, we now offer indoor thermopile pyranometer calibration services. Calibration complies with the ISO 9847 type llc calibration procedure and includes a calibration certificate showing the procedure, traceability, and calibration factor. (View example calibration certificate >)

Complies with ISO 9847
Calibration method is performed by our highly trained technicians and complies with type IIC of the international standard ISO 9847.

Models We Calibrate
-Kipp and Zonen models: CM 11, 21 and CMP 10, 11, 21
-Hukseflux models: SR 20 and SR 11
-Ask about additional models

Competitive Pricing
Apogee Thermopile Pyranometers   $50 + shipping
Other Companies' Thermopile Pyranometers   $195 + shipping

Repairs and Maintenance
Apogee can complete other repairs and maintenance. Call for details.

Click here for information on how to get your sensor calibrated >

11 July 2017

Apogee Visits Asia

In June, key representatives from Apogee paid a long-overdue visit to a few of our partners in China, South Korea, and Japan. Apogee has a long history of selling sensors in Asia, and we were excited to visit our representatives for the first time in their homeland. Dr. Bruce Bugbee, Mark Blonquist, and Devin Overly soon discovered that we should’ve visited a long time ago, as our partners gave great insights and showed wonderful hospitality.

In China, they visited Campbell Scientific Beijing, Beijing Techno Solutions, Channel Technology, Dianjiang Technology, and Truwel Scientific in a series of very productive training and strategy sessions. From the visit, they learned that Apogee’s infrared radiometers are particularly popular in China for use on flux towers.

Campbell Scientific Beijing

Beijing Techno Solutions

Channel Technology

Dianjiang Technology

Truwel Scientific

In South Korea, the team visited B & P International, Sentrol Systems, and TMI. They were impressed with what they learned, and discovered Apogee’s pyranometers are strong sellers in South Korea due to the country’s strategic adoption of renewable technologies like solar power.

B & P International

Sentrol Systems


The last leg of the trip was to Tokyo, Japan, where the team met with Fujiwara, Climatec, Senecom, and EKO. They were treated extremely well and learned many things about the Japanese market. In particular, Apogee’s quantum sensors are very popular in Japan due to the advanced level of research in horticulture and agriculture.

Fjuiwara and Climatec


Although the trip was busy and involved a lot of travel, the effort was well worth it, as new friendships were made, partnerships solidified, and new ideas and strategies were exchanged. As a company, we hope to visit our friends in Asia many more times in the future.