12 January 2017

Irrigation Study

Dr. Joan Girona of the Institute of Agroalimentary Research and Technology in Catalonia, Spain, is studying irrigation and the water and nutrient needs of fruit trees.

He needed to capture pyranometer readings throughout his orchard. Dr. Girona mounted Apogee pyranometer sensors and Campbell Scientific dataloggers on a carefully laid out model train track around the orchard. The train carrying the pyranometer sensors and dataloggers wound around the track and could take measurements at specified intervals. Dr. Girona could then take thousands of measurements. His system was so effective he plans to continue running it for more experiments in the future.

Learn more about Dr. Girona’s experiment by reading the original article on Campbell Scientifics’ website.

Apogee silicon-cell pyranometer used in irrigation study

Application Summary

Pyranometer mounted on model train to collect measurements in orchard for irrigation study.

Sensors Used
Silicon-cell Pyranometer

Institute of Agroalimentary Research and Technology

Catalonia, Spain

Original Article
Spain: Irrigation and Solar Radiation - Campbell Scientific

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