22 February 2012

Better Know a Distributor – Decagon Devices

The ‘Better Know a Distributor’ series highlights other companies that distribute and resell Apogee products. 

Apogee Instruments has a long history of working closely with our partner company Decagon Devices in Pullman, Washington. We’ve worked together to refine marketing approaches and to develop new products. Our collaboration with Decagon led to the amplified options for our solar radiation sensors and we have also collaborated on workshops at trade shows like ASA and AGU. Last summer Apogee President, Bruce Bugbee, presented a webinar in Decagon’s ongoing web seminar series on measuring solar radiation for plant growth. Decagon resells our quantum sensor (Decagon model QSO-S) for measuring photosynthetically active radiation, our pyranometer (Decagon model PYR) for measuring total solar radiation, and they also use our sensors in products like their comprehensive Microclimate Monitoring System. Like Apogee, Decagon provides their customers with excellent customer support, both online and in person, and have a great team of scientists backing up their products.

Here is an excerpt from Decagon’s website about the history of the company:

Decagon was founded in 1983 by Dr. Gaylon Campbell, a renowned soil scientist at Washington State University. Dr. Campbell was (and is) an old-school physicist. When he wanted to measure something, he built an instrument to measure it. Other people wanted his creations, and eventually he couldn't keep up with the demand. Decagon was formed to build and sell his instruments. 

Decagon has accomplished much in the 29 years since their inception. Their projects have included a thermal and electrical conductivity probe for NASA’s Phoenix Scout Lander mission to Mars. In 2008, they were listed as one of the Top Small Workplaces in The Wall Street Journal.

At Apogee, we appreciate our collaborative relationship and we look forward to our continued work together.

Whitney Mortensen
Marketing & Graphic Design

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