19 October 2011

New Products: Infrared Radiometer Meter (MI-210) and Ultra-Narrow Infrared Radiometer (SI-131)

Apogee Instruments is pleased to announce the release of our Infrared Radiometer Meter and our Ultra-Narrow Infrared Radiometer. Some of their features and uses are listed below.


The IRR meter has a tenth degree resolution with ±0.3 C accuracy. Each meter is calibrated individually in order to achieve this accuracy so you can be confident in the reading.

This meter has the same basic modes for saving data as our other meters including:
  • 99 – Manually saved sample points – These points are saved by pushing the sample button.
  • 99 – Automatically saved points – These points are saved in log mode every 30 minutes. They are an average of data taken every 30 seconds.
  • 99 – Daily Averages – The meter calculates when a day has passed and saves an average of the 30 minute averages.


The IRR Meter can be used for spot measurements of canopy or road temperatures. It can also be used to verify the accuracy of IRR Sensors that are wired to a datalogger. This is especially convenient when wondering if a sensor needs to be recalibrated.


The SI-131 has a half angle of 14 degrees compared to 18 and 22 degrees of our current infrared radiometers. This will allow for measurements of smaller areas with less chance of seeing anything unwanted. The sensor has an accuracy of ±0.3 C.

These are some products we have been perfecting for a long time so that you can ‘Make Better Measurements.’


Skif Smith
Electrical Engineering

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